Love4Life is Overcoming Obstacles

"Love4Life offers students a safe place to voice their opinion and share their feelings. Many of my students have gained the confidence and comfort to speak in front of class.  My students are also given the skills needed to overcome obstacles they face in their everyday lives. They're working towards improving their attitude towards situations beyond their control and empowering them to control their responses to these events."

Comment from an Eighth grade teacher.


Positive Feedback

We love receiving feedback from our school principals. This year we brought our Love 4 Life Program into Hawthorne Middle School in their 7th and 8th grade. Rudy Salas their principal said:

"The Love for Life curriculum  addresses individual skills that empowers students to develop self-confidence, respect, integrity and responsibility.  Students engage and reflect on personal goals that lead to a positive self-image. Students learn to cope and manage stressful situations."

Kids and Social Interaction

The benefits of social and emotional learning for children. How it helps improve the class room experience, and the children's personal confidence.  Here is an example from edutopia of social and emotional learning and how it really does affect children in their school work and environment.