Mentor Registration

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Mentor Registration


Register to be a Mentor and have a one-on-one day of fun in the sun with an at-risk child.


Please review the following before completing your registration:

Event Timeline

9:00     Mentor Volunteer Check-In & Registration
9:45     Get Paired up with a child
10:00   Open Play Time
11:30    Lunch (Pizza & Ice Cream)
1:30     Relay Races (Mandatory)
2:00    Toy Tent
2:45     Return child to Registration Area / Good-byes
4:00    Volunteer Only Appreciation Gathering

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Bring your driver's license!
  • Once you are assigned to a child, you are responsible for that child during the entire event. It is vital that you maintain very close contact with your child and DO NOT let your child go into the water without you. MOST of the children CANNOT swim.
  • Make sure that both you and your child wear our red T-Shirts at all times for identification purposes, both in and out of the water.
  • Make sure you and your child have matching wristband colors. These identify the organization, shelter or school with which the child is associated.
  • If your child is wearing a black wristband, take caution that your child NOT be photographed. These children are in hiding. Please make every effort to keep them away from pictures as it could endanger them and their family.
  • Stay within a block of our base camp. We will set up near a restroom so there should not be a need to wander far from the group.
  • Bring a large blanket to be used as your "base camp".
  • Focus all of your attention on ensuring your child has a wonderful and safe day!