Mentor Orientation Video



Where is the event being held? Can you please provide directions to the event?

The event is held ON THE BEACH in Manhattan Beach between 6th and 8th Street.  A map of the location is below:


Where should I park?

Residential Parking is free but PLEASE read the postage signage.

If you cannot find free residential parking, the best long-term parking options are:

  •  Metlox Parking Garage at Morningside Drive and Manhattan Beach Blvd (10-hour parking available on the lowest floor)
  • The Pier lots located to the north and south of Manhattan Beach Pier (5-hour meters available, however less availability than the Metlox Parking Garage

We advise that you bring lots of quarters just in case!! Please see parking map below.

Can I bring my own food and drinks? And can I share with the child I am paired with for the day?

Throughout the day, we provide lunch (pizza and ice cream), snacks (various chips, snack bars, etc), and drinks (water, juice, coconut water). We don't recommend bringing additional food or drinks, however if you have dietary restrictions, please do so. It is very important that if you bring your own food, please do NOT share any food or drinks with the children as some children may have food allergies.

Do I have to know how to swim?

Yes, all volunteer MENTORS need to know how to swim. If you cannot, there may be a few children we can pair you with that will not want to go into the water. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate you. Volunteer staff members do need to know how to swim.

What do I need to bring?

If you are volunteer MENTOR:

  • Your license!! If you do not have your license, or a government issued form of ID, you will not be paired with a child.
  • A blanket, which you will lay down to designate you and your child's "space" (a.k.a. your base camp) for your things, resting, eating, relaxing, etc.
  • Quarters for the meters!
  • Anything else that you think you will need/want during the day – additional beach towels, chair, umbrella, sunscreen, hat, sandals or socks (for playing in the hot sand), etc.
  • Anything you may want for the Volunteer Appreciation After Party (wallet, clean clothes, etc.)

If you are a volunteer STAFF Member:

  • Please bring your license for check-in. In the event that we need additional volunteer Mentors, we will ask the staff volunteers if they would like to take on that role. All Mentors must have their licenses or a government issued form of ID
  • Quarters for the meters!
  • Anything else that you think you will need/want during the day –sunscreen, hat, etc
  • Anything you may want for the Volunteer Appreciation After Party (wallet, clean clothes, etc.)

Can I bring my own children to the event to participate with me?

Because the goal of this event is to give the at-risk child full attention and ensure his/her safety, it is our strong preference that additional children age 12 and under are not brought to the event. If it is absolutely necessary, please bring another adult with you so that your child can be monitored and you can focus on the needs of the at-risk child to whom you have been assigned. If your children are 13 years or older, and they would be a great friend to the child/mentee, they are allowed to join you as a Mentoring Minor. All mentoring minors must register online prior to the event. Please contact us if you would like to register your child as a Mentoring Minor.

My friends and I want to volunteer for this event together.  Can we be paired with children from the same school or shelter?

We will TRY to accommodate that request but it is just not possible to guarantee it given the large number of people that we register the morning of the event and the speed with which this needs to happen. For your best chance, you and your friend(s) should check-in together at the same registration table. That said, you can definitely set up base camp with your friend(s) so that you can be in close proximity to each other, eat lunch together, etc.

Parking Map