Thank you so much for today. The kids had such a good time and they are looking forward to their new books. Hope we keep in touch, and know that I greatly appreciate this fun event that has really helped out the L.E.A.P. program...
— Brenda Garcia, After School Program Coordinator, Jefferson Elementary School, May 2009

During the 12 week program of Yoga123 I have watched the kids as they become healthier, stronger, more peaceful and relaxed. The Yoga123 program creates a place to talk about things like sharing, loving, friendship, truth & competence. Sometimes these elements are not addressed in school or even in their own family...
— Danay DiVirgilio, Yoga123 Instructor

It’s so worthwhile to integrate social skills and character education into the curriculum. This program does that seamlessly. The mood cards are an excellent opportunity for students to express themselves ... I truly enjoy hearing my students use words like loving, confidence, and respect, which can be so abstract, yet which are contextualized through the weekly assignments of Yoga 1,2,3 ... The reality is that students in my community face many obstacles and have persevered through some particularly harsh experiences. It is extremely empowering for them to know that they possess the key to their own feelings and can change their mood and thereby change their course in life ... I was in a meeting the other day for a student who had severe behavior problems in the second grade. I described his progress to a team of teachers, counselors, and his mother. His mother was quick to point out the impact of the extracurricular program, Yoga 1,2,3, on her child’s excitement and his increased motivation about school and learning.
— Elena Medina, 3rd Grade School Teacher, December 2004

I was overwhelmed with how positive the program was. The kids know that this is a quiet space where they can relax...
— Jennifer Hughes, Director at Roosevelt Elementary School

[Regarding KidsExcel Sports] I’ve realized that kids can’t grow as individuals until they learn about themselves. You guys provide the tools. It’s one of a kind! Thanks again!
— Mike Fay, Teacher, Washington Elementary