Nothing says, “I Love You” more than combining the gift of love with daily education to empower and support children. The value of the P.S. I Love You Foundation’s Love4Life and Yoga123 programs lies in our curriculum components structured around vital life skills that text books cannot teach. These include beautiful yet powerful qualities like confidence, compassion, kindness, respect for self and others and the reinforcement of positive behaviors needed for youth to succeed a happy, connected and authentic life.  

My request; join us in this mission, developing stronger more connected and conscious youth.  I invite you to make a gift today to our 2017 Holiday Giving Social Development Campaign

All the things you taught me will help me in the future …I have more confidence in myself now. I accept who I am and what I do will always be more positive…I learned that life is 10% what happens and 90% the way I handle it.
— Galilea, PS I Love You student, age 12

We need your help to support wonderful students like Galilea. Click here to donate. 


Weekly, our instructors go into Title 1 at-risk classrooms and teach hundreds of children, like Galilea, the social and emotional skills they need to navigate through the challenges of life and its’ forever changing goodships and hardships.  Inspiring children to be confident and compassionate is our mission and with your help, we can reach more youth thus impacting the connection of goodness and wellness within our communities! 

Please consider gifting a donation to P.S. I Love You Foundation on behalf of them. 

Here are examples of how your donation can help an at-risk child: 

  • $50    Provides a 12 Week self-esteem building yoga class for an at-risk child 
  • $100  Provides a positive day of after school alternatives for 15 at-risk youth 
  • $500  Sponsors 5 children for memorable day of mentorship and friendship at our annual Day at the Beach Event. 
  • $1000  Provides a semester of school leadership and team-building activities for an elementary school classroom 
  • $5000  Sponsors a school for one year, reaching 150 at-risk children through our programs. 

Your gift to our 2017 Holiday Giving Social Development Campaign is treasured and life-changing to a child who may not have social and emotional support at home or in their community environment. With your help, our programs will deliver attention, support, and care to youth through the school year. Please give today—we need you!


With Kindness and Hope, 


Patricia Jones, Founder 


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