Love4Life is a 18 week Social and Emotional Learning life-skills program. Taught in 40-60 minute session per week, Love 4 Life delivers easy to use interactive mindful tools to help students think, act and live with compassionate and confident choices for increased success in their life outlook, happiness, school, career, personal friendships and other relationships. Our PSILYF instructors teach the curriculum in the classroom or they can train teachers to deliver the content.

  • Ages:  Can be single or mixed grades (6th- 9th), up to 40 students per class with one teacher.
  • Benefits:  Our program inspires students to respect themselves and others, understand, control and communicate their feelings, relate to their peers, and apply themselves 100% to become stronger in mind, spirit, and outlook about life.  Life 4 Life firmly believes that if we strengthen the heart, mind and spirit of one child, everyone benefits; the classroom, the teachers, the school, the parents, the siblings, an entire community, all leading to a better tomorrow.   
  • Outcome:  Increased student confidence and self-acceptance; increased open-minded thoughts, tolerance and trust in others, increased comfort with public speaking and new people, increased positive attitude toward self and others, increased participation in school and homework and increased ability to interact and share feelings in and out of the classroom.  A decrease in negative attitudes and disrespect; a disappearance of bullying within classrooms and playgrounds in 4-6 weeks.
  • Notes
    • Classes that are scheduled during class time achieve the best results, but Love 4 Life can be used as an alternative lunch-time or after-school program.
    • We can customize the beginning of class to include each school district's core values, principals and ethics.
    • After completing and analyzing teacher/student results of the first session (18 weeks), we can continue with a new class/grade for another 18 weeks and even revisit the program to the same students the following year.
  • Cost:  The cost of the program varies upon whether our PSLYF instructors teach the class or your teachers are trained in our 3 hour workshop. Grants and other funding are also factors. Materials include: Love 4 Life Student workbooks, Love 4 Life Teacher Guidebook, Mantra board, Mood Cards, Name Sticks and other in class activities materials. 

Program references are available upon request. And, if you would like to see the program in-action, we would be happy to schedule an IN SESSION site visit. Please connect with us via our contact form.