Yoga123 is a 12-week interactive health and wellness program dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children through the practice of yoga and the teachings of breathing, physical exercise, emotional strength and mental sharpness. It is taught during class-time or as an after-school program and aligns with the California State Board of Education Standards for Physical Education.

Through Yoga123 children can:

  • Adopt effective methods of dealing with stress and negative situations by learning proper breathing and anger management techniques. 
  • Increase physical awareness and abilities through developing flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and cardio-fitness by practicing yoga.  
  • Raise self-esteem and improve attitude by adopting values of giving, non-competition, love, acceptance, experiencing physical progress and learning to control attitude. 
  • Enhance respect for others by practicing personal space, and learning values of respect and caring. 
  • Develop focus (and refocusing) strategies through centering poses and breathing. Increase student academic focus and mental sharpness through stretching and moving their bodies to increase blood flow and oxygen level. 

YOGA 123 Mantra: