Yoga123 is a 12-week interactive health and wellness program dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children through the practice of yoga and the teachings of breathing, physical exercise, emotional strength and mental sharpness. It is taught during class-time or as an after-school program and aligns with the California State Board of Education Standards for Physical Education.

Through Yoga123 children can:

  • Increase physical awareness, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and cardio-fitness by practicing yoga.  
  • Develop skills in focus and concentration through through centering poses and breathing.
  • Increase academic focus and mental sharpness through stretching and moving to increase blood flow and oxygen levels. 
  • Learn effective methods of dealing with stress and negative emotions by practicing proper breathing and anger management techniques. 
  • Raise self-esteem and improve attitude by adopting values of giving, non-competition, love, acceptance, experiencing physical progress and learning to control attitude. 
  • Enhance respect for others by practicing personal space, and learning values of respect and caring. 


YOGA 123 Mantra:


I practice being a Good Sport

With focus in the classroom and teamwork on the court

Sports builds confidence in myself

It is great for stress and my health

So whether I win or whether I lose,

Being a good sport is what I choose!